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Music I listen to

I'm a fan of R.E.M, Chris Isaac, Metallica, Moody Blues... Isn't that a pretty strange mix of bands? Anything with a strong background that gets your mind racing...

My Favorite Songs:
Chris Isaac's "Wicked Game"
Tracy Ullman's "They Don't Know About Us"
Moody Blues "Your Wildest Dreams
Monster Ballads "I Need You Now"

What do I like to watch

Once the kids are tucked into bed at night, it's my turn to enjoy a little television, not that there anything wrong with PBS Kids or Noggin in the afternoon... SIGH... image

Primetime Television

At the moment I'm really enjoying American Idol, Smarter Than A Fifth Grader and re-runs of Family Guy, which I never thought I'd end up loving so much. I'm looking forward to the return of Hell's Kitchen. There's something so satisfying about watching that brash Chef Ramsey. He simply fascinates me, though I've no idea why... I recently tuned in to the BBC here on American cable television as well. I find myself enjoying some of the most unusual British television shows at times.

But, deep down I'm a Food Network and TLC sort of girl. I grew up watching PBS television in the evenings, so shows associated with cooking, science and learning usually have my attention when my "shows" aren't on...

One of my worst habits at night is flipping stations over and over, staying up far later than I should, watching re-runs of shows I've already seen at least a dozen times or more... image Why do I do that?

Historical Medieval Fiction


Enjoy Silent Mysteries!

Please, enjoy the first six episodes of my first medieval romance novel right now! You can quickly download the first 164 pages of the story right now to read at your leisure!

Click Here To Download

About the author: For years I was an avid reader of historical romantic fiction... At least I was before I began writing my own novels. Before I started writing, my favorite novelist was definitely the author Julie Garwood. I would have read anything she wrote. If I should say my style of writing mirrored anyone's, it would have to be hers. She was just such a fantastic storyteller. Others who I read faithfully were Catherine Coulter, Linda Howard, Jude Deveraux... And I was a fan of the irresistable Silhouette Special Edition novels as well... Now a days that kind of time is no longer a luxury. As the mother of two, I'm lucky to find time to read the back of a cereal box... In the quiet hours of the night though, I do manage to tuck myself away in a quiet corner to relax and write...

Current Projects - Right now I'm working on two books for my website, The Quiet Corner. The first is Silent Hearts - Sequel to Silent Mysteries. The second beginning in June is Calignous, an all new kind of online drama, unlike anything you've ever read before. Check them out anytime as they are free to read and enjoy while they are being updated on the website each week.

On sale now! The orignal medieval novel Silent Mysteries...


Available on Amazon.com - at 617 pages, Silent Mysteries probably one of the largest, most fulfilling novels you're ever going to read. Best of all? While this novel is a complete work unto itself, the book continues in a sequel that you can enjoy online day or night, FREE to read for as long as it's in production! Come see what all the fuss is about and decide for yourself if you are ready to begin the incredible journey in discovering the mystery of Kyra...

Some Wonderful Movie Links


Somewhere In Time (Christopher Reeves)
Meet Joe Black (Brad Pitt)
City of Angels (Meg Ryan & Nicholas Cage)

Eerie Ones

Audrey Rose (Anthony Hopkins)
The Changeling (George C. Scott)


Terms of Endearment with Debra Winger and Shirley MacLaine gets me every single time! Every single time!!! image

And The Dark Crystal! You can't forget that one... That was the best fantasy movie next to Labrinth and Legend...
They were all wonderful kid friendly movies.

Who do I like

image image
image image
image image
image image

image image
image image
image image
image image
image image
image image

The One And Only


This is my beautiful autographed photo
of Matthew Ashford! If only it was autographed
to me...

image image image

Featured Videos This Week

Note! I updated all of the video links tonight, so they should all be working for watching...

First? Here's a peek at the novels I write that keeps me feeding my family...





BRAND NEW! This is the first video I ever made for a challenge that was hosted by The Deveraux Clan. Please enjoy my vision for Kiss From A Rose!

The Pond! It's taken me almost six months to get back to clipping, but I'm back. This is the remaining part of the island clips that I hadn't posted before. It's on Youtube and on my website now. Enjoy the pond and the ending cave clips.

Clip #1: How's about a little dip, J&J style? Could holding Jennifer so close effect Mr. Deveraux's determination to remain friends? You'll have to watch and see...

Clip #2: Tango, anyone? Perhaps the second time around the dance floor would be Jack's undoing, eh? In an attempt to make up for his deception the night before, Jack takes Jennifer in his arms for a second time on the cruise...

Clip #3: "I love you, Jack..." Sweeter words could never have flowed from Jennifer's lips than they did during this monumental moment on The Cruise of Deception. I still find myself enjoying this clip time and again. It was simply beautiful!

Clip #4: This is simply one of my all time favorite J&J video creations. I have never found one that moves me more! It is Everything: By Lifehouse! It features the love between Jack Deveraux and Jennifer Horton from Days of Our Lives, and it's just beautiful from start to finish. Check it out! How can you NOT love this song?

Clip #5: This is a video which will probably remain fixed on this page forever. It is one created by our own DI2CJNJ from Devoted to Deveraux. It features the infamous kiss that Jack and Jennifer shared at the Spectator. It was created with an enormous amount of love for the writing project Diane and I worked on together for Miranda's Corner... It's, I Believe In You - One moment in time...

Clip #6: DI2CJNJ said it best in her description for this video. Jack loves Jennifer, it's just that simple. I was so inspired by this touching video that I felt myself wanting to update all of the videos on this page because of it. Here is, Jack & Jennifer: All I Know...

Upcoming events

Click on "View All Images" below to see the cute slide show I made of the most recent clips coming to The Quiet Corner!

image image

My Weekly Musings

  1. Something's Going On!

    05/23/09 16:56:52 | 0 Comments

    If it's been a while since you've been to The Quiet Corner, check out what's new! All new video corners not only featuring the best of J&J, but also videos of Mason & Julia from Santa Barbara, Dark Shadows (1991), Star Trek, The Incredible Hulk, and NOW my personal favorite BBC series, Kitchen Nightmares. There are new novels to be read, games to play and a whole lot more! All available for FREE on The Quiet Corner! Come give us a visit!
  2. Days video Clips Pages!

    10/16/08 02:36:19 | 0 Comments

    After taking about six months off from working on the Video Clips pages on The Quiet Corner, it's baaack! I'm back and ready to start opening the floodgates for all of the fun again! Come on in, the water's fine! Come to http://www.thequietcorner.com and follow the link to the Days Video Clips page...
  3. More clips coming soon!

    04/05/08 02:00:03 | 0 Comments

    It was a lot of fun working with all of the Jack Deveraux clips for The Quiet Corner last year. It came time for me to take a break from it this winter, but very soon the fun will begin again! By the end of April, my work on publishing Silent Mysteries should be finished, at which time I plan to begin working on adding in new Jack Deveraux clips to TQC. Thanks to Roz of Devoted...
  4. Just For Fun!

    09/25/07 00:38:05 | 2 Comments

    Here's a neat little treasure I created! It's a fun Jack and Jennifer slideshow! Can you guess by the pictures which series of videos I'm working on for TQC this week? LOL!
  5. I have a MySpace page!

    09/24/07 23:15:40 | 0 Comments

    Come on in and check out my newly constructed MySpace page! http://myspace.com/leannesmithauthor If you're a Matt and Missy fan, we need to talk! LOL! I'm looking for new M&M friends everyday... Thanks for visiting, it's always a pleasure...
  6. A Special Presentation For You...

    09/17/07 15:49:22 | 0 Comments

    imageDI2CJNJ and I have put together a very special presentation on Miranda's Corner! We've entitled it, "I Believe In You - One moment in time..." It's the sensitive retelling of one moment in Jack and Jennifer history, complete with an original new video at the bottom of the page which Di whipped up as...
  7. I Believe In You!

    09/15/07 22:57:57 | 0 Comments

    Oh, Jack Deveraux fans are you in for a treat. The scenes you remember so well have been added to the Days video clips page on The Quiet Corner today. There are more about to be posted in the upcoming hours. Three parts of the "I Believe In You" episode have been uploaded....
  8. The Chistmas Kiss 1990!

    09/12/07 18:14:10 | 2 Comments

    Awe... In honor of JasperJasper who so lovingly referred to these scenes in the 1776 thread, I have posted all five of them over on Youtube. They'll be there for a little while. The hope chest, the kiss, the call to Dr. Baker, Jack wishing Jo merry Christmas... It's all there for you to enjoy! Username: leannesmith1
  9. Baby Hannah - Awe...

    09/08/07 06:28:59 | 0 Comments

    How could you NOT love this precious first story for Jack and Jennifer. I posted the last two scenes from this storyline on The Quiet Corner. Jack has learned that Hannah is going to be taken away from Jennifer. Knowing the news is going to hurt her, he decides he wants to be the one to try and tell her. And when Sally's parents come to take the baby, he's there for Jennifer to hold on to...
  10. J&J Clippers We Have A Page For YOU!

    09/06/07 19:09:17 | 0 Comments

    There is a new page on The Quiet Corner that is available just for Jack Deveraux music video montage creators. The new page contains only the Days Of Our Lives videos that have been clipped by The Quiet Corner. There are no other website video clips listed there. You can now easily find all of our original video clips for Days that you are welcome to download for use in making music videos,...

Who am I

I'm an aspiring romance novelist.

I just recently completed my first full length medieval romance novel called Silent Mysteries. You can enjoy reading that book and the rest of my work at http://www.thequietcorner.com. There is a lot more to love over there than just Silent Mysteries, but please come and discover the mystery of Kyra at Damon Manor...

For those who enjoy Matthew Ashford and Jack Deveraux the way I do, you can also enjoy the wonderful collection of clips I've put there as a special treat. Before I found D2D, I was enjoying the same form of entertainment that I see so many other people are...

The main reason I'm now a member of Yuku is the wonderful compay of The Deveraux Clan. What a wonderful bunch of people over there!

What else do I enjoy?

Some other hobbies I like quite a lot are knitting, quilting and learning to cook different things like bread, pasta and desserts from scratch. Hey, I'm a mom... Although now that the kids are getting older I find myself able play with these crafts less and less... LOL!

Want to know more?

There is a small biography you can read at: http://thequietcorner.com/Misc_Pages/about_author.htm to learn some more interesting tidbits about me and my life. I've led a pretty unique one so far, that's for sure.

My Friends on Yuku

Leanne Smith has 52 friend(s)

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    Seriously, have a wonderful day
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    Hugs to you Leanne. No one is ever out of the loop at D2D. We can always come home when ever we get the chance!!! Lovely to hear from you.
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    Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I'm hoping to spend a bit more time once things settle in with my son, but in the meantime, I'm really enjoying this wonderful site and the awesome people here.


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    Leanne, thank you for such a sweet comment! I love D2D and all the wonderful people I have had the opportunity to meet! Amazing that a love for Jack and Jennifer could bring so many different people from so many different backgrounds together. I love reading your posts here. You are an amazing writer. I look forward to getting to know you also. Have a great day! Jodi
    PS - your page here is wonderful! :)
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    Thanks so much for the welcome! I'm really glad I also got out there and posted and joined the chatroom. This board seems really great and I hope to post more and get in the chatroom when I get the time. Roz is a sweetie, and I'd love to get to know any friend of hers as well. Hope to see you around the board more.


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    Hi Leanne,

    I have been on the board a looooong time. But, I will admit to a two your vanishing act due to moving, ending up on dial up and then having a baby. So, I understand why you don't actually know who I am. But I'm back now!! image

    I've been meaing to drop you a line, I love your website. I've been spending quite a bit of time there looking at everything!

    See you around the board!
    ~ K.

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    Thanks Leann,

    I was a little unsure at first but got more comfortable as time went on. Everyone here was so nice when my son had surgery earlier this year. I hope to see you around and look forward to some good discussions.
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